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SUTD Sustainable Design Hack 2022

  • Greenprint SUTD

1st Place: Eidosis

Updated: Mar 26

Congratulations to our first place winners Eidosis!

Team Members: Chang Hin On, Kenzie Tan Hiang Lui, Nicole Wong Min Yee, Marcus Ting


Did you know? 500 tonnes of disposable waste are generated per year, with only 4% being recycled. What's more, single-use disposable packaging from F&B outlets is a major contributor to this issue! At this rate, our Pulau Semakau landfill will be full by 2035. How might we improve the sustainability of F&B outlets in Singapore to protect our home for future generations? Introducing...Dabao-ware! Through features such as gamification, rewards, user-friendly interfaces, and many more, this campaign aims to improve the sustainability of F&B outlets in Singapore by encouraging consumers to make the switch from single-use disposable containers to reusable containers.

Our vision is to reduce disposable waste, one dabao-ware at a time. This campaign comprises 1. an application and 2. a reusable box, which will reward users for using reusable boxes to takeaway food. This campaign is targeted at the working population, and involves stakeholders such as the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE), Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC), Sustainable Living Lab (SLL), ZeroWaste SG, and various F&B outlets. Our proposed plans in the next year are to source for funds, invest in R&D and to source for partnerships. A pilot trial will then be targeted at the working population in the CBD area and our solution will be fine tuned before launching our Dabao-ware campaign officially to the wider population.

How will this be sustainable in the long run? Long-term success of our Dabao-ware campaign means less disposable food containers taken from F&B outlets, less trash generated and better waste management, which creates more cost savings to be redirected to continue funding this sustainable initiative! Furthermore, let's not forget habit-formation, driving sustainable efforts in the long run! So join us on our mission to reduce disposable containers one Dabao-ware at a time.



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