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SUTD Sustainable Design Hack 2022

  • Greenprint SUTD

2nd Place: Ecohulks

Updated: Mar 26

Congratulations to our second place winners Ecohulks!

Team Members: Tan Zhao Yang, Ooi Zhiyong, Sherlyn Neo Qi Yuen


The problem statement we have chosen is "How might we decrease the generation of physical receipts in F&Bs through modification of POS systems while achieving 50% customer satisfaction rate". Through the SSDH workshop, we were able to learn and apply the Design Thinking process. We have learnt to discover our stakeholders with personas and scenarios about our solution. We are able to define our stakeholders' needs and develop the prototype of our solution. Lastly, we deliver our prototype in the form of a storyboarding through the display of different scenarios interacting with our solution. The solution that we have come up with is digital receipt generation through new features in POS systems. Our solution will have new features incorporated into the current POS systems to generate QR code at the POS terminal after payment for F&Bs consumers to scan and receive their digital receipts. Rejection of receipts by the consumers will also prevent the generation of physical receipts and hence, reducing physical receipts. If we had more time or resources, we would like to improve on developing an actual function instead of a prototype into a POS systems with the help of technical experts. We will then test our solution in willing F&Bs to gather data on the receptiveness from the consumers and F&Bs owners towards our solution. This project took us a long time to think, plan and execute but it is all fruitful towards the end. We are glad to be able to showcase our project in this competition!



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