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SUTD Sustainable Design Hack 2022

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Honorable Mention: Tree Huggers

Updated: Mar 26

Congratulations to Tree Huggers for obtaining Honourable Mention!

Team Members: Alysa, Sze Hui, Chloe


The problem statement that our group chose is “How might we increase the use of renewable energy in residential communities?” We have decided to apply the designing thinking process which includes Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver. Using the persona and scenarios framework, we have found out more about the backgrounds of stakeholders in our society, for example the government, the locals and companies. For define, we used the affinity analysis to find out more about the needs of the stakeholders and what approach we can take to address them. For develop, we crafted a mind map linking all our ideas into one big map to visualise the bigger picture. Finally for deliver, we created a storyboard and prototype our final idea out onto the canvas template. To start off, we wanted to target renewable energy that was easy and feasible to harness in the Singapore context. By considering the various types of renewable energy available in the market, we managed to narrow it down to 3, namely: solar, biomass and tidal energy. In order for us to harness the aforementioned renewable energies, we have created a dome which is self-sustaining and requires renewable energy to function. This helps to reduce carbon footprint, while working towards a more sustainable future. Pairing the dome with the batteries, the batteries serve as an important factor in integrating renewable energy in residential communities. In a way, the batteries serve as a way to cushion the negative impact of using fuel-based batteries. However, the batteries may not entirely replace fuel based batteries as they are more costly to manufacture. On the other hand, the batteries are rechargeable, so the used batteries will be traded with a new set of batteries and residents can collect them at their nearest community centres. In order to further enhance our project, there will be new plans to create complementary portable charging devices for individual consumption (the device charges the batteries). To sum up, if we have more time or resources, we would like to improve on the sustainability of the dome, which means we are considering to circumvent external factors, that may affect our project, which include Singapore's busy seaport.

Presentation Slides


Sneak Peaks

Check out their full idea and presentation here!

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