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SUTD Sustainable Design Hack 2022

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Speaker Session Highlights

Updated: Feb 10

Thank you speakers and participants for the successful session!

We concluded our Speaker Session on the morning of 29 February! We were privileged to have four distinguished speakers with us!

Our speakers, clockwise from top left

  • Captain Raghav Gulati : Anglo American, Safety, Sustainability and Technical Operations Manager

  • Ms Kate Yeo: Bring Your Own Bottle, Co-Founder

  • Ms Esther An: City Developments Limited, Chief Sustainability Officer

  • Mr Tay Choon Hong: National Youth Council, Deputy Chief Executive

We began the session with an individual sharing from each of the speakers, then proceeded to a moderated panel discussion, followed by a short slido quiz! Before you read on, do check out and sign up for our upcoming final event! You'll be able to hear from renowned speakers and win attractive prizes!

Final Event Details!

Date: 27 Feb 2021, Sunday

Time: 2.00pm- 5.00pm

Venue: Zoom

Sign up link:


Individual Speakers Sharing

Mr Tay from NYC shared about the three tiers of sustainability in Singapore - individual, corporate and systemic - and cited examples in each of the following. On the systemic point, he gave an example about burgeoning electric vehicle adoption and electric vehicle charging in Singapore. Only with the three tiers coming together - individuals playing their part, corporations imbibing sustainability and governments espousing pro-sustainability policies - can we achieve a sustainable world by design.

Next, Captain Raghav from Anglo American shared about the three pillars of sustainability - the social, the environment, and the economic dimension. Sustainability was at the centre of these three areas, and as such, companies would need to address these fields before sustainable development can be attained. In addition, he highlighted the various initiatives that Anglo American was working on in Singapore!

After Captain Raghav, we had Ms Kate Yeo, from Bring Your Own Bottle. A current Dartmouth College student, she was also the closest in age to many of the SSDH participants. In a very inspiring sharing about her journey to achieve her success with BYOB, she addressed the three main challenges she encountered, namely building credibility, dealing with burnout, and leaving her comfort zone. Undeterred by the deluge of rejections she encounted at the beginning, she went on to onboard over 220 merchants, and got a team of 30+ individuals supporting her! What a remarkable story indeed!

Last but not least, we had Ms Esther An from City Developments Limited. She talked about her real estate firm's commitment to sustainable development, the myriad of initiatives that CDL has supported, and the projects CDL is working on with several tertiary institutions!


Panel Discussion

Shortly thereafter, we had a panel discussion, where participants of the session could interact and engage with the speakers. Due to a lack of time, we werent able to address all the questions, so we apologise for any unanswered questions. However, there were several interesting and thought-provoking questions raised. One of them related to the future of work for students looking to enter the sustainability industry, and Mr Tay highlighted that working in sustainability entailed being multi-disciplinary as we often combine the humanities with sustainability, or engineering with sustainability. Another pertinent question related to how Kate was able to cope with junior college and BYOB simultaneously. Her response was grounded in the idea of prioritisation. Being sustainable not only entails caring for the environment, but also having a healthy and balanced life. She advised participants to focus on school work if exams are around the corner and then dedicating time to extra-curriculars when school work is less hectic.

Youth run the fastest, but elders know the path ~ African Proverb

Kate also quoted an African proverb above, in her response to the question about our elders not being sustainable. She opined that our elder generation might have been very frugal and thrifty due to their upbringing in the cradle of adversity, and while that might not have been termed sustainable back then, they can be considered avid practitioners of recycling and reuse.


Slido Quiz

With the panel discussion ending, we then proceeded to our Slido Quiz, where we quizzed the participants on the speakers' content. Congratulations to the winners of the Slido Quiz!

With that, the Speaker Session came to an end. Thank you everyone who attended and made time on a Saturday morning for us! We hope you found the session insightful, enjoyable and fun! Do stay tuned for our upcoming final event!

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