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SUTD Sustainable Design Hack 2022

  • Greenprint SUTD

Third Place: Team treetea

Updated: Mar 26

Congratulations to Team treetea for achieving third place!

Team Members: Jenifer Vania Bachtiar, Dana Chin, Joy Neo


The problem statement which we chose is on how we might make F&B businesses more sustainable. We conducted many design methods which allowed us to gain insights into our problem as well as identify what the main concern of our problem was. It gave us the opportunity to exercise empathy in gaining perspective as well as clarity in terms of the current issues faced. At the end, we came up with a solution comprising of a platform with multiple features such as giving our audiences (eg customers) a personalized journey as well as provide aid for businesses who have trouble in seeking out a suitable business model to solidify the green movements of their businesses. I feel that if we have more resources such as fundings and more type, we would definitely like to branch out to other publication means such as applications which take time to produce as well as maybe doing up a proper online platform that has all features fully on board and tested amongst members of the public to gauge their satisfaction. Overall, we felt that we had learnt a lot during this journey and we are immensely grateful for this opportunity to showcase our ideas which could benefit the community.



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